About Don Buttrum - Custom Home Builder

About Don Buttrum

Don Buttrum has been involved in numerous real estate development and manufacturing companies, primarily in Arizona and Texas, as an entrepreneur and investor during the past seven decades and continues to seek further investment opportunities.

Don manages the day-to-day operations of Buttrum Custom Homes and other real estate interests.

Don Buttrum has shown his expertise in developing, funding and managing commercial, residential and real estate ventures over the last few decades. Some of his recent achievements in these areas include:

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Desert Truss, Inc., located in Glendale, AZ, commenced operations in December 1998 and manufactures wooden roof and floor trusses with related accessories for the residential and commercial construction industry. It has been one of the leading primary suppliers during the past two decades based upon its superior quality of products and has consistently generated annual gross revenues averaging $10,000,000 over the past ten years.

Atwater Construction Company, Inc., located in Phoenix, AZ, commenced operations in the last quarter of 2013 and provides concrete, underground utilities and plumbing installations to the commercial construction industry and is the successor to Atwater Homes, Inc., which commenced operations as a residential real estate developer and construction company in 2001. Its dramatic growth due to quality performance has propelled the company as one of the most favored subcontractors in receiving contract awards wherein it is projected that annual gross revenues for the calendar year of 2015 will approximate $15,000,000.

Black Canyon Palms Apartments is a 10-acre parcel of land located at Jomax Road and I-17 in Phoenix, AZ that has received approval from the City of Phoenix for the construction of a 160-unit apartment complex on the site. With no outstanding indebtedness owed on the property, all plans have been finalized, permits are available and construction can commence accordingly; however, there are potential firms interested in purchasing the project and these proposals are currently under review.

Mr. Buttrum’s other ongoing projects, specifically in Texas, include the construction of several residential homes in the towns of New Braunfels and Seguin, the construction of a 176-unit apartment complex in Seguin, the development and construction of a 20-acre parcel located at NWC IH-35 and Eckhardt Road with frontage road ingress and egress to I-35 on the town line borders of Shertz and New Braunfels to potentially include a 140-unit apartment complex, a hotel, an office complex and two restaurants with the required zoning already in place for the office complex and two restaurants.